The unofficial EWF13 Book club. 36 writers. 36 days.

“A week since you got it and what have you done.
Just flicked through the index, or read chapter one?

A week since you got it – you’ve resolved to plough though
to read all the insights, and get inspired too.

But daily work piles up – you’ve got so much on
my apologies to Yoko – I’m sorry to John…”

You’ve bought the EWF13 book. Flicked through.
Or maybe…  you’re about to buy the book.

  • But how’d you like that extra ‘kick up the bum’ to make sure you read the whole thing?
  • How’d you like to hear from each writer – about the thoughts/story behind their piece?
  • How’d you like to [optionally] leave a comment/discuss each piece in the book?

For 36 days, I’m hosting the totally unofficial EWF Popup* Book Club.
(*apparently anything these days that isn’t permanent is ‘popup’. It’s the ‘flashmob’ of 2013.)


Each day from Thursday June 13 to Wed July 31, I’ll feature one of the pieces in the EWF13 Book. (Starting from the first, Charlotte Wood’s 7 Enviable Lines.) I’ll invite the writer to contribute their thoughts/story behind the article… add my thoughts… and if you want, you can do the same in the comments.

Unlike a ‘real’ book club – you can come and go as you please. There won’t be any ’empty chair with your name on it’. Nor will there be a chance to make eye contact with that hottie across the room. Hmmm…

But here’s the thing: If you CAN read 1 piece per day, 36 days in a row… you are going have a massive boost to your skills/motivation for the 2nd half of this year. Think of it as a FREE 5 week writers boot camp with less running up hills.

And consider this… if you read each piece knowing you’re going to discuss it with other people, you’re more likely [citation needed, ha ha] to read it a little more deeply, a little reflectively.


Of course, remembering to ‘pop back here’ each day is a bit hard, so you can just scroll ‘up and to the right’ and subscribe via email or RSS. Or – follow me on Twitter.

Of course, this popup book club will only be interesting if there’s more members than just ‘you and I’.   So… can you help spread the word?

Let’s read/discuss the @EmergingWriters book. 36 articles/36 days. Join us? via @gabemcgrath #ewf13  <click to tweet this>

Oh, and if you’re one of the EWF Book writers, don’t forget to contact me [] with say 150-250 words explaining the how/what/why behind your piece which will be featured on ‘your’ day. How did you come to be in the book? What was challenging? What did you leave out? Did the piece end up the way you planned it? Etc.




About Gabe McGrath

Freelance writer, radio creative, retro gamer and a dad. Gabe's writing has appeared in , My Child, Retro Gamer, , & more. Editor in Chief of JustOneMoreGame
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3 Responses to The unofficial EWF13 Book club. 36 writers. 36 days.


  2. beefyisfeebz says:

    i will try my best for this. Can’t promise! Your blog is great and I am one of your followers! 🙂 I also just published a post on a profile of a photographer with Usher’s syndrome. If you are interested feel free to read. 🙂 Phoebe

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