Day 11: Adolfo Aranjuez


Welcome to Day 11 of the totally unofficial EWF Book Club.

And – our second big week!

Whilst I can’t promise the excitement of ‘will he/won’t he’ international air travel by freedom fighters who risk their lives for our benefit… I can offer some great insights by talented writers into some really interesting aspects of writing…

Today we ask..  are you feeling lucky?


Today we discuss Adolfo Aranjuez’s Why we enter writing competitions.

Have I used the phrase ‘eye opener’ too much already? OK, let’s call this one a revelation then. I didn’t know much about writing competitions a few minutes ago, and thanks to this piece – my mind is buzzing.

Adolfo fascinated me with his talk of the benefits of winning literary competitions, and the concept of ‘literary symbolic capital’ which can be gained by having the winning entry. As he quotes Bronwyn Mehan of Spineless wonders:

“The chances of getting publishers attention, scoring a mentorship or an artistic grant will definitely be improved…”

The thing that struck me the most though was Adolfo’s warning that you need to make sure you enter the most appropriate competitions and that a potential ‘win’ is not squandered by merely adding it to your CV or LinkedIn. We need to build on each win!

NOTE: Adolfo is currently run off his feet with his numerous responsibilities (eg launching AWAW 2013 yesterday) and won’t be able to contribute today.

What did you get out of  Why we enter writing competitions?
Hit the comments below!

Come back at midday tomorrow and we’ll feature…


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