Day 15: Chris Summers


Welcome to Day 15 of the totally unofficial EWF Book Club.

Had any ‘little wins’ recently?

Today I’m excited to add Jetstar Magazine to my list of ‘outlets I’ve written for’ (article) and I’m looking to do further work for them in the future.

In early 2012 Chris Summers celebrated a ‘little win’ (or not so little) in scoring a mentorship with one of Australia’s most-awarded playrights. And it’s Chris’ story that we focus on today…

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Today we discuss Chris Summers’ A meeting of minds.

Another essay in The Emerging Writer and yet again, I’m surprised by both the subject and approach. Chris writes about his mentor via simple conversation between the two, and despite being playwrights their discussion still contains insights applicable to other types of writers.

“I got a friend request from you on Facebook.. and I screamed out loud… like a little girl who got a Twitter reply from Justin Bieber…”

It’s fascinating to read of how they ended up helping each other, via a lot of ‘unofficial mentors’ who mentioned them to others at the right time. And the next stage of the essay intrigued me – on how to find a mentor. Seems like a lot of ‘soft networking’ (I’m sure there’s a better term for it)  – ie bumping into people through what you’re doing then have a coffee/chat and see what happens.

Finally, it was great to see a bit of humour in a piece that could easily be far too polite and fearful of saying the wrong thing.

What did you get out of  A meeting of minds?
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