Day 16: Zane Pinner


Welcome to Day 16 of the totally unofficial EWF Book Club.

Quick apology – yesterday’s post was very late. Sorry for that. Most of the time the daily feature will be coming out very close to midday AEST.

Now, where was I?
That’s right introducing today’s feature, which is about porn.

Let’s hope mum hasn’t subscribed to my blog. On the other hand, typing that word meant future google traffic should be up by 274%.


Today we discuss Zane Pinners’ Hard sales.

Now that’s funny.

I do recall Andre (the Emerging Writer editor) mentioning ‘writing porn scripts’ in the intro to the book, so I knew it was coming up soon. But when I saw Zane’s headline I just assumed it was about copywriting.


What I loved about Zane’s piece is that even though he’s writing scripts for a sex phoneline he explains that it’s not completely disconnected with what he wants to be doing instead.

“Working with words that actually make you money will be of enormous benefit to your craft…  like a jazz musician that plays in a 90s cover band. It’s a bit of skill training towards your dream job.”

He writes about the challenge – and the money. He has some great tips about writing for all sorts of niches and all sorts of communities.

“To produce a good piece of writing, it’s essential to connect with your audience. Fulfil [their] expectations and they’ll happily come back for more.”

I really enjoyed it. The Emerging Writer promised writers writing from all sorts of angles and today’s featured essay certainly fits the bill.

What did you get out of  Hard sales?

Hit the comments below!

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Come back at midday tomorrow and we’ll feature…


(Oooh heck, I’d better write some thoughts about that.)

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