A brief pause – and a 16 day SUPER LINK LIST

My many other responsibilities are just starting to get the upper hand, so it’s time for a pause in the ’36 writers / 36 days’ project.

Thankyou to the many writers who’ve contributed their thoughts for their ‘featured day’. Thankyou to those who spread the word via Twitter, and those who left comments.

Have you missed any of the featured days so far?
Here’s a “WOW, THAT’S CONVENIENT!” list…

I hope to continue the 36 writers 36 days project… soon.
I’ll email/tweet all writers whose featured days are coming up re their ‘new’ date.

If you’d like to get an automatic notification of when ’36 writers / 36 days’ restarts,  just scroll ‘up and to the right’ and subscribe via email or RSS. Or – follow me on Twitter.


About Gabe McGrath

Freelance writer, radio creative, retro gamer and a dad. Gabe's writing has appeared in Wired.co.uk , My Child, Retro Gamer, Crikey.com.au , Huggies.com.au & more. Editor in Chief of JustOneMoreGame
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