[ EWF 2013 Book – Bonus Content ]

book_buried_4This page is aimed at people who’ve just read my essay “Another 4 minutes of non-stop commercials” in the 2013 Emerging Writer’s book.

(Don’t have the 2013 EWF book? View an online preview here. It’s packed with practical and inspiring articles for old or new writers. And no I don’t get a commission.)

Who is this guy, anyway?

Sure, that’s a reasonable question. I studied at the Swinburne Commercial Radio School in 1995. I learnt a lot – it covered all areas of radio, and this helped me decide that writing was ‘my thing’. As I mentioned in my EWF 2013 article, this course was sadly discontinued in 2012. Unfortunately there’s no ‘happy ending’ to report; the funding was not reinstated.

Following the course, I worked at a few small radio stations, then in Newcastle… writing commercials for the two leading FM stations in town. I’ve learnt how to use grammar, pace and tone to keep the reader’s attention. To edit writing down to the absolute essentials. One of the highlights of the last 10+ years was winning a national competition, with a 2 minute ad convincing Aussies to drink less beer – voiced by Mick Molloy!

I started freelancing in 2008. I’ll never forget the buzz of seeing my first piece in print – in the UK’s Retro Gamer magazine! Since then I’ve written for Crikey.com.au, SMH.com.au’s ScreenPlay, Wired UK’s Geekdad, Huggies.com.au and My Child magazine (Australia). Here are my article clippings. I’ve also run the indie/retrogaming blog JustOneMoreGame,  and got linked from sites including Guardian.co.uk, Boing Boing and Slashdot.

In late 2011 I undertook the Australian Writers Centre’s “Writing for Magazines and Newspapers” course; I absolutely recommend it! And more recently I’ve been working on more writing projects, including this website, and a non-fiction novel.

So, what about this bonus content, then?

OK, here we go.
I’ll be adding more every month, so don’t forget to pop back now and then.

Branding commercials mentioned in the article:

Radio commercials

Here’s a couple of my ads mentioned in the Emerging Writer article:

Here’s some of my other ads that might illustrate some principles:

Finally, here’s a few all-time classic radio commercials that I wish I’d written.

[Please note: all ads above are presented only for the purpose of criticism and review. Copyright for some works lies with their respective owners.]

Useful links mentioned in the article:

Learning about radio

Listening to great ads

Get a job!

Other sites I couldn’t write without:

Useful Files [coming soon]

  • Here’s a copy of the ‘sternly worded poster’ from my office door. Avoid the ‘dirty dozen’ and your advertising copy will be 274% better.
  • Here’s the radio advertising brief I’ve created and use every day.
  • Here are some MS Word macros I’ve created to speed up the ‘writing’ and leave more time for ‘creating’

…and ‘other cool stuff’… to come.


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